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NeuroBusiness - The Psychology of Peak Performance

Struggling to win new business and acquire clients?  Or want to win even more business quicker than before? Then this workshop is for you.

Join The Talk of Manchester and Nettl Academy for this fast paced and very practical workshop which will enable you to:

  • Understand the psychology of selling
  • Learn how the latest advances in Neuroscience can be applied in business
  • How to accelerate the Know, Like, Trust process
  • Learn the 5 principles for success in business
  • Discover how to inoculate yourself from the only four major objections you will get in business


This masterclass focuses on the smallest next steps to make giant leaps with performance and selling in your business. We will discover how advances from the fields of neuroscience can be used in business. We will look through; Psychology of Selling, How the Brain Works, Mindset, Rapport and much more!

What’s Covered in this workshop:

Psychology of Selling

Explore the latest research on Neuro-marketing, why people buy emotionally, how decisions are made and how you can influence them. You will also discover the 5 Principles for Success in Business and empowering beliefs of master salespeople.

How the Brain Works

We will take a look inside how the brain really works from what triggers motivation to negative bias. We will explore the NLP Communications Model and the importance of the Reticular Activating System in goals, performance and getting stuff done!


We will find out what Rapport is and how to build Rapport with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Moving on we will then link rapport to representational systems and discover how this can be put together to create powerful charismatic conversations.

Beyond Sales

We will discover what the only 4 Major Objections are in business and how you can inoculate yourself from them. I will also share with you a procrastination buster pattern developed from fields of neuroscience that will show you how to create instant motivation to move in the direction you want.


The session is fast paced, packed with lots of fun exercises accompanied with a workbook and handouts on the day. Buckle up and be prepared for Peak Performance!

Places are limited on this workshop so please book now to avoid disappointment.

4th floor, Churchgate House,
56 Oxford Street,
M1 6EU

Price: £97.00 + vat

Total Attendees

Wednesday September 13, 2017
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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